Ms Lily Hau-fang LIAO

Ms Lily Hau-fang LIAO


Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Physical Therapy, NTU

President, Taiwan Society of ICF
President, Chinese Society for Enablement of People with Disabilities


As a physical therapy pioneer in ICF, Lily has participated physical therapy education at the School and Graduate Institute of Physical Therapy of the NTU and continue local education programmes for more than 40 years. Now she is an Adjunct Associate Professor at NTU, the supervisor of the Taiwan Long-term Care Physical Therapy Association and Executive Director of the Taiwan Association of Child Development Early Intervention, and WHO ICF educator. Her major is pediatric physical therapy, ICF and early childhood intervention. Her research areas are developmental tests for children, physical activity participation for children with disabilities, mastery motivation of children, ICF, community-based and family-centered approach in early intervention, and the local physical therapy history.

Lily has developed the local ICF-based Functioning Scale of the Disability Evaluation System (FUNDES) for the disability eligibility determination and published more than 40 articles to introduce the FUNDES, ICF/ICF-CY and Early Childhood Intervention in the past 5 years. She is now the initiator of “My Ability First in Taiwan” project to enhance societal participation for people with special needs.

Lecturing Itinerary

  • Date:
    2 December 2023 (Saturday)
  • Parallel Session 2 Lecture 3
  • Time:
    15:10 – 15:30
  • Topic:
    Roles of therapists in social and activity participation for children with special needs 治療師在特殊需要兒童的社交和活動參與上所擔當的角色
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