Dr Shwn-jen LEE 李淑貞副教授

Dr Shwn-jen LEE 李淑貞副教授


Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology

Director, The Research Centre on ICF and Assistive Technology, NYCU

Convener, Organising Committee, The Assistive Technology for Life (ATLife) EXPO


Dr Lee is the director of Research Center on ICF and Assistive Technology, which has been entrusted to establish and manage “Center for Assistive Technology Resources and Popularization (CATR@P)” since 2001, by the Social and Family Affairs Administration of Ministry of Health & Welfare, Republic of China. CATR@P is the only territory-wide centre for integration and popularisation of the resources of assistive technology funded by the government.

CATR@P plays a key role on the formulation of territory-wide policies on assistive technology and education and development of the assistive technology related affairs, including services and subsidies in welfare and long-term care.

Dr Lee has been greatly devoted to promoting the provision of needs assessment and assistive technology services and devices to the elderly and persons with disabilities based on the international standard ICF and ISO 9999. In the field of assistive technology promotion and industrialisation, Dr Lee provides consulting, diagnostic and counseling services for college researchers and assistive technology manufacturers in the development of industrial technology products and speed-up industrialisation of the products.

Lecturing Itinerary

  • Date:
    2 December 2023 (Saturday)
  • Parallel Session 1 Lecture 3 (online)
  • Time:
    15:10 – 15:30
  • Topic:
    Leveraging ICF and ISO 9999 to develop professional services and subsidies for assistive products for people with disabilities in social welfare and long-term care systems: our local practical experience 利用ICF和ISO 9999為社會福利和長期照護體系中的障礙者輔具開發專業服務與補助:我們的本地實踐經驗
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